Your Rights

There are several laws which focus on the rights and entitlements of passengers who travel by air. Some of these address baggage issues, whilst some focus on safety, security or ticket pricing issues. Some of the laws were borne out of international conventions and therefore apply internationally whilst others were created by the European Union and therefore largely apply within the Member States only.

The Commission for Aviation Regulation (this Office) is responsible for enforcing two European ‘air passenger rights’ laws in Ireland. The first of these establishes rights for passengers who are affected by flight cancellations, long delays or are denied boarding. Your air carrier (and its agents) has sole responsibility for the implementation of this law. To view more information on your entitlements under this legislation please click on this link or alternatively click on the ‘Passenger Rights’ button to the left of the screen.

If you wish to read this law, you can do so by clicking here.

The second law recognises that travelling by air can be a more difficult experience for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility. This law tries to ensure that these persons have opportunities for travel which are comparable with other passengers. This law obliges your tour operator, air carrier and the managements body of the airports through which you travel to assist you as much as possible. To view more information about this law please click here or alternatively click on the ‘Reduced Mobility’ button to the left of the screen.

If you wish to read this law, you can do so by clicking here.