EC261/2004 – Method of payment of refunds issued by airlines

The Commission for Aviation Regulation has received a number of queries in relation to the method of payment of refunds under Regulation EC 261 of 2004, which provides for the payment of refunds to air passengers in certain circumstances. These payments can, as set out in Article 7 of the regulation, be made in the form of cash, electronic bank transfer, bank order, bank cheque or, with the signed agreement of the passenger, travel vouchers and/or other services. Passenger consent is only specifically required for vouchers, and if it was not obtained the voucher should be replaced with another form of payment.

The Commission for Aviation Regulation, as National Enforcement Body for EC 261/2004, cannot require an airline to use a particular method of payment. If an air carrier pays by one of the methods listed in Article 7, it has discharged its duty under the regulation.

If passengers experience difficulty with the method by which an airline has refunded them they should attempt to resolve it with the airline directly.